What is SAMi?
SAMi is an intelligent, configurable, video based nighttime movement detection system. Through the use of specialized software and an infrared camera, a parent or caregiver is alerted on their IOS device to unusual movement in the monitored location. Events are recorded and archived for further use.

Is the SAMi monitor the right monitor for me?
While the SAMi monitor works well for many people, here are things to consider.

  • The SAMi monitor is only for monitoring during sleep.  You need to have a place to mount the monitor in the bedroom pointed at the sleeping location.
  • SAMi alarms on motion.  The motion can be small and it does not need to be repetitive, but it must continue for at least 15 seconds.  You can adjust the length of time before the alarm sounds, but if you set it shorter than about 15 seconds you will probably get more false alarms than you would like.
  • If your child is a very restless sleeper or shares a bed, or if there is a family pet or service dog sleeping with the child, you may get lots of false alarms.
  • SAMi has visible lights on the front.  There is a bright power light which can be easily covered but there is also a ring of dim red lights that cannot be covered as they allow the camera to see in the dark.  It is fine for most people but some children are bothered by this (and some like it!)  Note that the lights do not flicker.
  • SAMi requires a good quality WiFi network.  

We want to be sure you have the best possible experience and that you get the best possible monitor for your needs.  If you have any questions or concerns about the product please email us at info@samialert.com or call us at 303-335-0051.  If after using the monitor you determine it isn’t right for you please let us know, we will take it back and get it to someone it can help.

Is SAMi a medical device?  Can I get insurance to pay for SAMi?
SAMi is not a medical device.  You should check with your insurance provider for assistance in purchasing. While we have had success in getting insurance to cover SAMi it is, unfortunately, uncommon.  If you have a financial need, check our resources page for organizations that can help you obtain a SAMi camera or kit.  Here is our full disclaimer:

"SAMi is a nocturnal movement monitor and will detect all types of movement regardless of the movement’s origin.  HiPass Design LLC. does not guarantee the effectiveness of SAMi for any particular application and use of SAMi is solely at your own risk.  SAMi has not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other government agency for any purpose.  SAMi is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, or cure of any disease or other conditions.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. "

Can I turn the motion monitoring on and off with an automated schedule?

How do I turn the alarm off temporarily?
You may touch the alarm indicator in the upper right corner of the live view screen. It will turn back on automatically if the scheduler is set up.

How long can you run SAMi on your IOS device using battery?
We see run times of roughly 4 hours on a full charge. SAMi can be configured to alert you when the battery is running low.

What is the lock function for?
The lock function dims the screen and secures the SAMi buttons in their current state. This reduces the chance of changing settings in SAMi while handling the IOS device or carrying it in your pocket. While locked the app is still monitoring and will vibrate in addition to playing an alarm sound when triggered

What do you recommend for Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi performance is important so we recommend using a high quality router. The camera supports IEEE802.11b/g/n, 2.4Ghz only. We strongly recommend a "Dual Band" router, this allows the camera to connect to one band while the iOS device connects to the other increasing performance. All Apple brand routers work well.

Can I take this with me when we travel?
Yes, but you will normally need to bring a Wi-Fi router as well as the SAMi camera.  Usually it is not possible to connect your camera to a hotel's WiFi. We sell a complete kit that includes the WiFi router and is easily relocated.

What is the log?
SAMi records a log that includes information about usage. This does not include video or audio, it simply logs technical information about the motion detection, camera communication, and faults. If you have technical problems we may request that you send us this log (choose help, then "Send log...").

What format are the recordings?
The files are recorded in MP4 format; most modern computers can play them.

How do I save recordings on my computer or email them?
You can get the recordings off the device by following these steps.

1. Connect the IOS device to iTunes.
2. Select the device as if you were going to sync it under devices on the left.
3. Select Apps at the top.
4. Scroll down to “file sharing” which is below the list of apps.
5. Select SAMi under file sharing (you may need to scroll through the apps).
6. You will see the list of recordings on the right. The file names include the date and time the recording was made in the form: Year-Month-Day_Hour-Minute-second_Duration.  You can either drag the recording to where you want it to go, or choose “save to…”.

Can I use this to record myself?
Yes. With the alarm muted you can record your sleep for review the next day. These recorded videos may also be useful for purposes of medical consultation. In addition, with the alarm on  SAMi can alert you after unusual activity so you can take action if necessary (for example take medication).

Can I use this during the day?
Yes, however all movement is being analyzed, making the possibility of “false positives” much more likely.

What is the difference between motion threshold and alarm threshold?
The motion threshold determines how much motion is significant. The alarm threshold sets the amount of time for significant motion before the alert is activated. These come with a default setting that can be adjusted.

How should I adjust the motion and alarm thresholds?
The best way to set the thresholds is through a bit of simulation.  You might want to position yourself in the bed with the iPod and watch yourself. Stay very still, then simulate the motion.  You will see the green meter move with the motion. There is a pointer to the side of the meter that indicates the setting of the motion threshold. When you are still, the green meter should be below this. When you simulate the motion, it should be above the pointer. If not, move the motion threshold lower. Best is to do this with the same amount of light as there will be in the room at night. To set the alarm threshold, choose how long the motion needs to continue before the alarm sounds. We found 20 seconds was a good tradeoff between false alarms and missing events.  If you set it shorter, expect more false alarms.  Note that these controls do not affect recordings. Recordings are made whenever there is motion, even slight short motion.

What is the difference between using the border setting with SmartEdge and without it?
Any motion in the border is ignored.  This is used to exclude areas where regular motion occurs (like the motion of a fan for example) that is not relevant to the movement you want to monitor.

If SmartEdge is on the border size is fixed.  If there is motion in the border before motion in the center, the alarm is suppressed.  If there is motion in the center first, the alarm will sound as usual.  This feature helps prevent false alarms when a person is going to sleep or when a caregiver enters to check.  

Can I trigger an alarm from just sound?
No, the alarm is based on motion. Audio alarm features are planned.

Does the app work in the background?
No. However, the camera will continue to make recordings and these will transfer to your IOS device once you start SAMi again.

How do I set the clock?
SAMi uses the IOS device clock. Set it through “IOS settings/General/Date & Time”.

What happens when my IOS device runs out of space for recordings?
SAMi will automatically delete the oldest non-locked recordings to make space.  Locked recordings will never be automatically deleted. If you have recordings to want to save it is important to lock them and/or copy them to your computer or email them.

What does the motion button do?
When the motion button is pressed the live display highlights motion in red. This is useful for testing the sensitivity of the motion detection.

What if I receive a text message or call while I am using the app?
The SAMi application will be suspended while you answer a call. At the end of a call, SAMi will resume. Notifications appear briefly, and will will not interrupt SAMi unless you leave the application to read  or respond to a text message. Note that the camera will continue to make recordings even when the SAMi app is not running. These will transfer to your IOS device once you start SAMi again.

How much time can I record?
Recordings consume roughly 8MB of flash memory per minute. This is about two hours of recordings per gigabyte.  On an active night you may see as much as 30 minutes of recordings. With a dedicated 16GB iPod you should be able to keep close to a month’s worth of activity before you would need to start deleting recordings. Note that you can always transfer your recordings to a computer for permanent storage.

How is this different from a baby monitor?
SAMi uses proprietary algorithms to filter out the usual motion and noise that would be reported through a conventional monitor. Fine tuning of the alarm sensitivity will greatly reduce false alerts. Fewer false alarms equals better sleep!  SAMi also has a selective recording capability not found in baby monitors.

Is Wi-Fi required?
The IOS device requires WI-FI but the camera may use either WI-FI or wired Ethernet.

Can I use my own network camera?
No. The SAMi application has been optimized for use with the SAMi camera.

How far away from the camera can my IOS device be?
This is limited only by your WiFi connection. The typical range using a single WiFi router is around 50 feet (15 meters) indoors. More routers will increase the range. There are also inexpensive WiFi range extenders.  

Do I have to be connected to the internet?
No, unless you want to send us diagnostic information. For this feature you will need to be connected to the internet and you will have to set up an email account on your IOS device.

What is the alarm sound?

We used a Navy Surface ship General Alarm sound, AN/SIA-114B to be precise.  Very effective!

Can I monitor over the internet?
No. The application does not send images or messages across the internet.

Is there an Android version?
No. This may be considered for a future release.

Can I use the app without a network camera?
Yes, you may use the front or back camera on the IOS device but you will not be able to make recordings and the IOS cameras will not work in the dark. This is mostly useful for trying out the app and demonstrations.

Can I make recordings when I am not using the alarm?
Yes, recordings are made even when the alarm is disabled. However, if the alarm is enabled recordings that are made near when the alarm is triggered are marked in red. This helps identify the interesting recordings.

Does the movement have to be rhythmic?

How much movement is required to trigger an alarm or recording?
There is a control for setting the sensitivity of the alarm. It comes with a default setting, but can be adjusted to pick up movements as minor as foot or finger wags.

What are the red lights on the front? Can I turn them off?
The lights are infrared illuminators. This enables a good quality image, even in complete darkness. You cannot turn them off.

Can SAMi detect seizures?
SAMi is a nocturnal movement monitor and not a medical device. It will detect all types of movement regardless of the movement’s origin.

What are the benefits of SAMi?
SAMi offers you the security of having a system in place to dependably alert you only when necessary.  This system is configured to your situation, not a “one size fits all” product.  It provides high quality, accurate recordings that are time/date/duration stamped for purpose of documentation, review/evaluation, and communication with your specialist.

What do I need to make SAMi work?
You will need to have an iPhone or iPod (IOS device).
You will need the free SAMi application from the iTunes store.
You will need the SAMi infrared camera.
You will need WiFi.

Will SAMi run on all iPhones, iPods, or iPads?
No. The latest list of supported models is here.

Is there a recommended IOS device?
All the supported devices work well. However, we have found it is really nice if you can dedicate a device to be a monitor. That way you can leave it always running. There is a scheduling feature that automatically turns the monitoring off during the day and back on at night at customized times set by the user.  You can sometimes find discounted iPods from Apple here.

What if it doesn’t work for us? Do you offer a trial?  What is the return policy?
You may return SAMi for any reason within 45 days of receipt, no questions asked (but feel free to give us feedback!).  Refund does not include international or return shipping costs.