The SAMi-3

Our third generation camera system is the result of years of rigorous field testing, countless engineering hours, and hundreds of iterations

Core Functionality

We designed SAMi to do two things really well.  

1) Reliably Alert

Quickly determine if action is needed with a loud alarm and live-view when movement changes.

  • Real-time, zero latency
  • Custom alarm thresholds
  • Secure remote monitoring
  • Multiple device support (up to four per SAMi-3 Camera)

2) Automatically Record

Ensure your doctor sees and hears exactly what happens at night. SAMi recordings provide invaluable time-stamped visual audio evidence for doctors and care providers.

  • Helps identify new behaviors
  • Track changes more easily
  • Easily determine duration and frequency

Recording Mode

SAMi-3 App Technology

Parent first features and settings to help you maximize your sleep, without compromising safety

Key Features

Sophisticated Motion Sensing

Our proprietary algorithm and patented system utilizes temporal and spatial filtering to increase sensitivity while reducing false alarms.

Recordings Log

SAMi automatically organizes time-stamped recordings of motion throughout the night, and highlights anything you may want to review.

Secure Remote Monitoring

You can grant monitoring permissions to up to four people with Apple devices, each of whom can utilize  their own alerts and recording preferences

Privacy Mode

When activated, SAMi displays a clock instead of a live view from the camera providing a less distracting sleep environment for the caregiver

Flexible scheduling

Both recording and alarm enable times are individually programmable.

Sensitivity Boost

Be alerted to very subtle or complex irregular movement (such as eye flutters, face grimacing, or finger wagging)

Infrared Technology

Operate in complete darkness, a bright room, or anywhere in between

Cloud and Local Storage

Easily save SAMi recordings to your Dropbox or iCloud, or store up to 1000 recordings locally on your device

Smart Edge

Flexible borders can ignore movement you're not interested in being alerted to (such as a fan, or a caregiver coming in to check on someone)

Show Motion

When enabled SAMi’s live view will highlight any motion in red (even motion as subtle as breathing under covers)

Multiple Mounting Options

Mount SAMi on a wall, or use the included rubber feat to place SAMi on a flat surface (such as a desk)

 HD Video Audio

See and hear in crystal clear 1280 x 720 resolution

Backup Storage

SAMi comes with an extra 32gb of storage on the camera, so if your Apple device fills up, it will continue to record

No subscription necessary

Every SAMi Camera and SAMi Kit comes with free lifetime access to our latest software - easily download the monitoring app and connect to SAMi through local Wi-Fi, Internet, or Cell Networks. Whether you're at home or across town, SAMi has you covered, and you'll never need to pay for a subscription.