The router that comes with your SAMi kit does not have security enabled for the Wi-Fi connection.  This is because the router is typically not connected to the internet and the camera cannot normally be accessed without the passcode (SAMi-3) or reading the QR code on the front of the camera (SAMi-2) using the SAMi app.  For most people the added complexity is not necessary.

However, if you plan on connecting the router to the internet or your home network, or if you want an extra level of security, you can follow these steps to enable security.

WARNING: If you do not follow these steps exactly you might end up disabling the router.  Read through the instructions first and do not proceed unless you feel comfortable following them.

If you purchased your SAMi router after 2015 or if the screens don't match those below, click here

WARNING: If you set up security do not lose the password.  

Note that to add the password you will need to connect the SAMi camera to your router with an Ethernet wire.

First, configure the Router:

1. Turn on the router and connect it to a computer using an Ethernet cable.  Connect the the Ethernet cable directly from the Ethernet port on your computer to one of the four black Ethernet jacks on the back of the router.  Do not connect to the yellow Ethernet jack.
2. Launch a web browser on your computer and enter the following URL:

3. You should see a page appear that looks like this:


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 2.03.20 PM.png

4. Click on the "Wireless" tab at the top.  You may be prompted for a user name and password.  Enter "admin" for the user name and "password" for the password.
5. Click on the "Wireless Security" tab at the top.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 2.10.27 PM.png

6. Change the first Security Mode to "WPA2 Personal".
7. Change the "WPA Algorithms" to "AES"
8. Enter the Password you want to use for "WPA Shared Key".
9. Repeat the above steps for the second physical interface.  Use the same password for both.

It should now look like this:

10. Click on the "Save" button and then on the "Apply Settings" button.  The router will restart.

Next, connect your iPod:

  1. Once the router has re-started (both the green and blue antenna icons on the front are on) select "settings/Wi-Fi" on your iPod.
  2. Select the SAMi network.  Enter the same password you used for the Wi-Fi settings.
  3. If you cannot connect, repeat the steps above for setting up the router.

Next, configure your SAMi Camera:

  1. Plug in the SAMi camera and move the Ethernet wire from your computer to the camera.  Your camera should now be directly connected to the router.
  2. Launch the SAMi app on your iPod, touch "Menu<<" and then "Setup".
  3. Select the ">" next to the SAMi Network Camera.
  4. Choose "Setup Wizard".
  5. Choose "Setup for Wi-Fi" and enter in the Wi-Fi password you used for the router.

Setup will now run.  When it is complete you are done and can disconnect the Ethernet wire from the router.  Save the password you gave the router (perhaps write it on the router itself).  You will need this if you ever need to re-setup the camera or if you replace the iPod.