How do I send a Logfile?

There are two ways to send us a logfile: Email from the SAMi app or with iTunes.

Email Method:
You must have an email account set up on your iOS device first.  If you do not, here are Apple's instructions.

1.  If you are using a SAMi router, go to your iOS device Wi-Fi settings and change from the SAMi network to your home network.
2.  Start the SAMi app and select "Help".  
3.  Select "Email support" from the upper right.  In the SAMi3 app this is called "Send Logfile".  
4. The app will compose an email with diagnostic information and attach the log file.  Note this does not include any video or audio recordings.  You should see a confirmation that the email was sent.

If you are not using the SAMi network router you are done.
5.  Go back to the iOS device Wi-Fi settings and press the disclosure button next to your home network (the blue "i").  
6.  Select "Forget This Network".  This will prevent your iPod from automatically trying to connect to this network again.
7.  Select the SAMi network and restart the SAMi app.

After sending the email, start the iOS Mail app and check that the message has been sent (and is not stuck in the Outbox).

iTunes File Sharing method:
1. Connect your iOS device to your computer
2. Start iTunes and select the device.
3. With the device selected, choose "Apps"
4. Scroll down to File Sharing which is below the list of apps.  Use the scrollbar at the far right.
5. Select SAMi (or SAMi3) under file sharing (you may need to scroll through the apps to find it).
6. You will see the list of recordings on the right. At the bottom will be a file called SAMi.log.  Copy this to your computer.
7. Now email this to

Once it is sent you should hear from us within a day.  If you do not, first confirm the email was actually sent by looking in your mail's sent items.  If it has been sent, send us a followup note.