How should I adjust the motion and alarm thresholds?

The best way to set the thresholds is through a bit of simulation.  You might want to position yourself in the bed with the iPod and watch yourself. Stay very still, then simulate the motion.  You will see the green meter move with the motion. There is a pointer to the side of the meter that indicates the setting of the motion threshold. When you are still, the green meter should be below this. When you simulate the motion, it should be above the pointer. If not, move the motion threshold lower. Best is to do this with the same amount of light as there will be in the room at night. To set the alarm threshold, choose how long the motion needs to continue before the alarm sounds. We found 20 seconds was a good tradeoff between false alarms and missing events.  If you set it shorter, expect more false alarms.  Note that these controls do not affect recordings. Recordings are made whenever there is motion, even slight short motion.