My SAMi was working fine but now the image cuts out/disconnects.

Try the following, one or more of these should clear the problem.

  1. Power cycle your WiFi router. Some routers slow down over time and need to be reset. This will also often cause the router to choose a different WiFi channel that has less interference.
  2. Power cycle your SAMi camera.
  3. Reset your IPhone/iPod/iPad's network settings. In the Settings app choose General/Reset/Reset Network Settings. You will need to re-enter your WiFi password but no other data will be affected or lost.
  4. If you are using a WiFi booster/repeater, unplug the SAMi camera and the repeater. Plug the WiFi repeater back in. Wait for it to finish starting up, then plug in the SAMi camera.
  5. Format the SAMi camera's SD card.
  6. Update the SAMi app if you are not running the latest version.
  7. Reset the SAMi app and the SAMi camera. Connect your SAMi camera to your router with an Ethernet wire. While the camera is on, press the reset button on the side with an opened paperclip. In the SAMi app, choose Settings then press reset in the upper right. Choose Reset All App Settings. Then re-add the SAMi camera.

If none of these resolve the issue send us a logfile.