How do I update the SAMi app to get the latest version?

If you are not a SAMi kit owner (you are using your own WiFi router) then simply use the App Store application on your iPhone/iPad/iPad to update the SAMi3 app.

If you are using the SAMi router and have already installed the SAMi3 app using your own iTunes account then switch your iPad/iPod to your home WiFi network (to connect to the internet) and use the App Store application to update the SAMi3 app. Don't forget to switch back to the SAMi WiFi network when you are done.

If you have not yet installed the SAMi3 app on your iPad/iPod, follow these instructions:

WARNING: These steps are more complicated than we would like, but this is how Apple does it. Read through the instructions first and do not proceed unless you feel comfortable following them.
You will need an iTunes account, and even though the SAMi3 app is free an iTunes account requires a linked credit card. Set this up first if you don’t already have an iTunes account by visiting “” using a browser on a computer.

Connect the iPad/iPod to your home Wi­Fi network so it can access the internet.

  1. Touch the settings (the gear icon at the bottom).

  2. Select the Wi­Fi settings (second from the top in the main settings screen).

  3. Select your home Wi­Fi network.

  4. Enter your password and choose "Join."

  5. Confirm that your network is now selected (it should have a check mark).

  6. Exit by pressing "Settings" in the upper left.

Scroll down in the settings app until you see "iTunes & App Store" and then select it.

  1. Select the Apple ID and enter in your own Apple ID.

  2. Enter your password.

  3. Press "Sign in."

Now check that your iPad/iPod device is running the latest version of iOS.

  1. Touch “Back” and select “General” -> “Software Update”

  2. If there is an update install it.

Now delete the SAMi3 app and reinstall it with your Apple ID.

  1. If necessary exit settings by pressing the home button.

  2. Delete the SAMi app. To do this press and hold on the SAMi app until you see all the icons "dancing" then touch the "X" on the SAMi app.

  3. Click the home button.

  4. Select the "App Store."

  5. Search for "SAMi3"

  6. Install the app. Be sure it is the "SAMi3 Sleep Activity Monitor By HiPass Design LLC".

Finally you need to "forget" your home network and reconnect to the SAMi Router. It is
important to "forget" your home network because if you do not, the iPod might connect to it
without warning disconnecting SAMi from the camera.

  1. Select "Settings."

  2. Select "Wi­Fi."

  3. Select the button to the right of the currently selected network (either a blue forward arrow or "i" in a circle).

  4. Select "Forget this Network."

  5. Confirm the "Forget."

  6. Select "Wi­Fi" in the upper left to return to the list of networks.

  7. Now select the "SAMi" network if it has not already been selected for you.

  8. Press the home button to exit settings.