I can't email a recording.

Before you can email a recording you need to have an email account set up on your iOS device. Here are Apple's instructions on doing this.

When a recording is sent from the SAMi app you will get a confirmation message that the recording was sent. This actually just confirms that the email with the recording was handed off to Apple's email app. If you don't get the email then it may be "stuck" in the app. Here is how to check for this:

Start the Mail app.

Look to see if there is a Mailbox called Outbox.

If there is open this mailbox and see if your recording emails are there. If they are then something is preventing the email app from sending them.

Possible causes are:

1. You are not connected to the internet. If you are using the SAMi WiFi router then you will need to connect to a different WiFi network that has an internet connection for the mail to be sent. Use the Settings app to select a different WiFi network. Then return to the Mail app. Drag down to force the app to check mail (this will also force it to try and send the messages in the outbox).

2. The Mail app need to be restarted. We've seen cases where no matter what you do mail is not sent from the Outbox. This usually can be cleared by restarting the Mail app. Double click the home button then swipe the mail app off the top of the screen. This will shut the app completely down. Then touch the home button again and restart the Mail app. The recording emails should then be sent.

3. The iOS device needs to be restarted. Sometimes it is necessary to turn the iOS device off and back on to clear a problem. Press and hold the power button until the power off slider is displayed and slide it off.  Once the device is completely off, press the power button to turn it back on. Start the Mail app and confirm the Outbox messages are sent.

4. Your email host is rejecting the email. This could happen if the host is limiting the attachment size. The SAMi app splits up long recordings to try and avoid this but your host may have a very small attachment size limit. The recordings created by SAMi are typically under 4MB. The only solution if this is the case is to use a different email host provider such as Gmail.

If none of these suggestions solve the problem for you send us a logfile.

Also, as an alternative you can use iTunes File Sharing to copy recordings off of your iOS device. Here are instructions.