Reduce the number of recordings.

You may notice SAMi makes a lot of recordings. The camera records all movement, not just those that trigger the alarm. Any motion, no matter how small or short will trigger a recording. 

These recordings can be useful, but if you want to reduce the number of recordings here are a few things to try:

Hide the short recordings. If you don't want to see the short recordings, choose Settings/Hide Shorter Than. A setting of 30s will hide all recordings that last less than 30 seconds, eliminating the majority of unimportant recordings. Note these are just hidden, if you need to you can turn the filter off and they will re-appear.

Set up a recording schedule so recordings are only made when you are monitoring, for example you can set a recording schedule to only record at night. Choose Settings/Camera Settings/Edit Recording Schedule.

Make the camera less sensitive to movement. Choose Settings/Camera Settings/Record Threshold. Be careful, if you increase this too much you may miss something important.

If you find recordings with no obvious movement, look carefully. The recording may have been triggered by a small dust particle or insect flying near to the the camera. At night, the IR illuminators will brightly light up anything near the camera. You can reduce this by using an external IR illuminator such as this one. If you use one of these you can turn off the built-in SAMi camera illuminators.

Another common trigger of recordings is the light changing in the room. For example, during the day it is common to get moving shadows through a window as the wind blows through nearby trees.