How much time can I record? How many days of recordings are saved?

The SAMi camera stores the most recent 1,000 recordings and can save as much as 138 hours.

SAMi recordings use about 4 Mbytes per minute. 1GB can store a little over four hours of video. Note that iOS devices overstate their storage, a 16GB iPod actually has about 12.6GB of storage available for use. The rest is consumed by the operating system and formatting.

The 16GB iPod stores up to 50 hours of recordings.

The 32GB iPod stores up to 122 hours of recordings.

The 64GB iPad stores up to 256 hours or recordings.

If you only enable recording at night (recommended) you should get from 1/2 hr to 3 hrs of recordings each day depending on the level of activity. So the 50 hours of record time on an 16GB iPod should store at least two weeks of activity.

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Can I use SAMi during the day?

SAMi is primarily designed to be a night-time monitor. You can use SAMi during the day, for example to monitor during naps. Otherwise, SAMi is not designed to be able to detect non-sleep abnormal movements so the alarm would be of limited use. Since all movement is recorded, SAMi can be useful in capturing a daytime event for later review.

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What do you recommend for Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi performance is important so we recommend using a high quality router. The camera supports IEEE802.11b/g/n, 2.4Ghz only. We strongly recommend a "Dual Band" router, this allows the camera to connect to one band while the iOS device connects to the other increasing performance. All Apple brand routers work well.

How long will SAMi run on battery?

The answer is, unfortunately, not very long. The SAMi app is continuously streaming video and analyzing for motion so it uses a lot more power than your typical app.

We've seen a run time of about 2 1/2 hrs on a fully charged 6th Gen iPod touch while the SAMi app is locked. Your results will vary based on many other factors including the particular iOS device you are using, the WiFi signal level, and the screen brightness. SAMi can be configured to alert you when the battery is running low.