"I am so excited... doctor was so impressed!" - Susan in Jacksonville FL

I am so excited wait till I share this with you...

Today we had an appointment with T's neurologist at ... here in Jacksonville. 

I went armed with my IPOD. I had videos of the last two days. This is the same doctor 3 months ago who said you do not need a baby monitor.  Go home treat him like a normal child. 

He was extremely impressed. He loved it he never has heard of the device. He told me he was so happy about this because if you do a 24 hour EEG with video it's a shot in the dark. 

He said often they do not see any activity. This can gather data for a much longer time and is non invasive.  He also said it wonderful for the parent and child.

Please pass this on to everyone. You can even post it. Thank You A Million Times Over!!!