What is the latest version of the SAMi app?

You can get the latest version here.

My camera keeps disconnecting.

Here are a number of things you can try:

  • Improve the WiFi signal at your camera by moving your WiFi router closer to the camera, or even just raise it higher.  You can check the camera's signal level in the camera settings.
  • Reset your router by either power cycling it or pressing the reset button.  This should cause the router to search for a WiFi channel with less interference.
  • Some routers do not work well with SAMi.  These routers probably are briefly interrupting the data stream.  This might not be noticeable when browsing the web or watching online video but still cause problems for the low latency SAMi video.  If you can, try SAMi with another router.  You may want to dedicate a router to SAMi to maximize reliability. 
  • Reformat the camera's SD card.  You can find this under Setup, then select the camera settings by touching the disclosure button to the right of your camera ("i").   
  • Remove the SD card from the camera.  SAMi will still work properly but no recordings will be made.  If this resolves your problem the SD card needs to be replaced.  Contact us, or you can replace it yourself. SAMi works best with a class 10 (or better) 32 GB microSD card.  We recommend this one:

SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card with Adapter 32GB (SDSDQQ-032G-G46A)

Click here for more information about increasing SAMi reliability.

If none of these suggestions improve things for you, please send us a log file ("Email Support" or  "Send Log..." under "Help" in the SAMi app).  Include the model number of your router, any changes you might have made to your network, and anything else you think might help us troubleshoot this for you.

I keep getting the message “Mic only works for a connected network camera!”.

This happens when you select one of the cameras on your iOS device and you try to turn the mic on.  The audio is only available from the SAMi network camera.  The SAMi app suppresses the mic on the iOS device to avoid feedback.

Why is the green motion meter still moving when there is no activity?

This is normal. There is always some level of background noise from the camera sensor or air movement.  If the meter is moving excessively try repositioning the camera or increasing the size of the borders.

Why are some recordings marked in red?

Red indicates that the alarm was triggered close to the time when the recording was made.  

How do I delete my recordings?

Swipe your finger from right to left over a recording entry to reveal a delete button for that recording.  To delete multiple recordings select Edit.

The live view is zoomed in or out.  

Use a pinch motion on the video area to zoom the view in and out.  Double tapping on the live video also zooms it in and out.

I see a green frame around the live view and red flashes.

You have turned on the Motion and/or Border button.  Tap the button again to return to the normal view.

Why is the image in black and white.  Can I see it in color?

The infrared sensor only “sees” in black and white.  During the day when there is more available light, the image is in color.

I hear noise in the background of the recordings.

This is normal and is due to the microphone sensitivity.

My iOS device has more free storage available than is reported on the recordings page.  Why is that?

SAMi reserves about 500MB (1/2GB) for the iOS device.  If iTunes reports that you have 4GB free, SAMi reports that there is 3.5GB available for recordings.

Why am I seeing an image from the iOS device’s front/back camera instead of the network camera?

The input for the monitor is set to the iOS device. You can reset the input to the network camera on the Settings screen.


What does this icon mean?

The icon is a warning that the iOS device is running on battery. Because SAMi continuously performs image processing, the battery will run down in a few hours. We recommend that you keep your iOS device plugged in and charging during use.

Why do I see recordings no shorter than 10 seconds and no longer than 5 minutes?

The minimum recording length is 10 seconds, regardless of how long the activity is.  Recording also continues for a while after motion stops to prevent creating lots of short recordings when the activity is intermittent. Recordings are limited in length to 5 minutes.  If activity continues longer than 5 minutes, SAMi creates multiple recordings.

Why are recordings made even when the alarm is not sounded?

The SAMi camera records all motion events, not just those triggered by the alarm. This prevents you from possibly missing something important. It can also provide useful context information before and after an event.


I can't see an image from the camera.  What does this icon mean?

The iOS device has lost communications with the SAMi network camera.  Here are some things to try:

1. Confirm that the camera is plugged in.

2. Try unplugging and replugging the camera (power cycle it).

3. Check that your iOS device is connected to your WiFi network and confirm that you see the WiFi symbol on the status bar in the upper left.  If you do, confirm that the iOS device is connected to the same WiFi network that the SAMi network camera is connected to.

If none of the above works then:

1. Plug the camera into the WiFi router using an Ethernet cable.

2. Try and connect with the SAMi app while standing near the router.

If this does not work, go through the camera setup steps again.  If it still does not work, contact support.

If steps 1 and 2 do work:

3. Disconnect the Ethernet cable, power cycle the camera, and try again with both you and the camera still near the WiFi router.

If this does not work, contact support.

If it does work:

4. Leave the SAMi network camera near the router and move with your iOS device to the location you normally want to monitor from. Confirm it is still working.

If it is not working, then your Wifi signal level is too low at the location you want to monitor from. You will either need to move the WiFi router closer to where you want to monitor from or add a WiFi repeater.


5. Move the SAMi network camera to the location to be monitored, then stand by the router with your iPhone/iPod and confirm it is working.

If it is not, then you do not have a strong enough WiFi signal for the SAMi camera. Move the WiFi router closer to the camera location or add a WiFi repeater.


6. Walk back with your iPhone/iPod to the location you normally want to monitor from and confirm it is still working.

If it is not working, then move the WiFi router closer to both locations or add one or more WiFi repeaters.

How do I reduce the number of false alarms?

Review your recordings to determine what is causing the alarm. If you see large movements, like rolling over or very restless sleep, increase the alarm threshold. If you see small movements over a long period of time, like foot tapping, increase the motion threshold.  If there are curtains or a fan that move, make sure they are not in the monitored region. To do this, you can either adjust the size of the border region or reposition the SAMi network camera.


What are these?

International plug adaptors for the camera power supply.