Call For Entries: Epilepsy Foundation to Hold Third Annual “Shark Tank” Competition


SAMi was made possible by winning the Shark Tank Competition in 2012.  The Epilepsy Foundation and the Epilepsy Therapy Project have just announced their third Shark Tank competition.  I plan on being there, make the trip if you can.  To register for the Epilepsy Pipeline Update Conference 2014 or obtain additional program information, visit

Excerpt below, full press release here.

Landover, MD, January 22, 2014 — The Epilepsy Foundation today announced a call for entries for the third annual epilepsy “Shark Tank” competition and is accepting submissions that represent the most innovative ideas in epilepsy and seizure treatment and care. The deadline for submitting a letter of intent is March 14, 2014. The selected finalists will receive international recognition and compete for grants totaling $200,000 to support the development and commercialization of important new products, technologies or therapeutic concepts.


2012 “Shark Tank” winner Charles Anderson created SAMi, a patent-pending sleep activity monitor used to detect and record abnormal sleep movements, including seizures. During sleep, audio-video information from a remote infrared video camera is sent to an app running on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch. When an unusual event is detected, an alarm is sounded, followed by live sound and video from the SAMi network camera. This powerful new tool for caregivers is now available.