SAMi 1.3.0 Released!


The new SAMi app version 1.3.0 has improvements and features we are excited about.  

By default, SAMi makes and saves recordings all the time, even during the day.  This can result in lots of extra unnecessary recordings cluttering up your iPhone.  The Recordings Scheduler allows you to define the start and stop times for the transfer of recordings to the iPod/iPhone.  To use this feature turn on (to green) the "Disable Record when scheduled off" button.  Next, set the time you want recordings to start transferring and the time you want recordings to stop transferring.  For example, you can choose to only save recordings made between 10pm and 7am.  All other recordings will be discarded.  

Smart Edge is an experimental feature that allows you to exclude motion that comes from outside the camera view from consideration in the alarm algorithm.  When the border area, defined by the border size setting, is breached, the alarm is suppressed and will not be re-armed until there is no motion for two minutes.  This prevents the alarm from being triggered when going to bed or when someone comes into the room and enters the monitored area.  If the motion originates in the center, the alarm will still be triggered as before.  

If you try the Smart Edge let us know how it works for you.

Finally, thanks to Monica for sending a photo of her customized SAMi.  SAMi looks fabulous in her guardian angel costume!  Anyone else have a fun picture of SAMi they want to share?