How can I save recordings?

The easiest way to save recordings is to email them. While playing a recording touch the Email button.

An alternative is to copy them off using iTunes. This is faster if you want to save a large number of recordings. Additionally, emailing splits longer recordings into multiple parts. Using iTunes saves the recordings intact.

Start iTunes on your computer. If you have not installed iTunes you can get it here.

Connect your iOS device to the computer using the USB cable.

Open the iOS device in iTunes by clicking on the device icon:

Click on Apps

Using the scroll bar on the far right, scroll to the section called File Sharing.

Select the SAMi3 app. The recording files will be listed on the right. The recording are named using the format:

For example: is a recording from the camera ID:7CDD9069E6CE, was made on August 20 2016 at 13:43:48 and is 38 seconds long.

You can select one or more of these recordings and click on Save To... to save them on your computer.

There are other files and folders stored here as well. Do not delete or modify these, if you do the app may stop working properly.

Here is more information from Apple about File Sharing with iTunes.