Rapidly flashing power light

The power light on your SAMi camera flashing continuously and rapidly means that its firmware has been erased. This should never happen and usually indicates that the camera has failed and needs to be replaced. See here for a replacement camera offer.

If your camera model is a SAMi-3 you may be able to recover it using the instructions below. This requires access to a computer with an Ethernet jack running Microsoft Windows and some familiarity with Command Prompt and networking.

  1. If you haven't already received the firmware from us send a message to SAMi customer support requesting it. Be sure to include the camera product code. This is found on the back of the camera and is in the form "SAMi-3" or "SAMi-3a".
  2. Unzip the recovery file you received from us.
  3. Set the IP address for the computer's Ethernet jack to "" and the Subnet mask to "".
  4. Connect the SAMi-3 directly to your computer's Ethernet jack with an Ethernet wire and plug in the camera. Confirm that the camera's power light is rapidly flashing.
  5. Double click on "recover.bat" in the unzipped folder.
  6. The firmware will be sent to the camera and the camera power light should stop flashing.
  7. When the camera power light starts to flash slowly (after about a minute) the firmware update is complete.

Power cycle the camera. The power light should now turn on and no longer flash continuously. Start the SAMi3 app and see if the camera now connects. If not, reset the camera and follow the instructions here to re-connect the SAMi3 app to the camera.