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Easily detect, be alerted to, and record abnormal or potentially dangerous movement events

Sleep Safely, with SAMi

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So much more than a baby monitor

SAMi The Sleep Activity Monitor™ is the only wearable-free system created for parents, caregivers, and individuals that need to monitor closely for abnormal or potentially dangerous movements during sleep or rest.

Do you know what's happening at night?

SAMi The Sleep Activity Monitor™ is a wearable-free system for parents, caregivers, and individuals that need to monitor closely for abnormal or potentially dangerous movements during sleep or rest.

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Expert Opinions

A Neurologist's perspective

...Video from a nocturnal monitor would be very helpful in a typical clinic visit

Dr. Edward Maa,
Director of Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Swedish Medical Center and Executive Board Member, Epilepsy Foundation

"One of the roles that i think SAMi really satisfies goes back to several patients of mine who their parents out of fear for convulsions during sleep and what they've heard about SUDEP would actually have their child sleep with them in bed into early adulthood. For obvious reasons, this is not a desirable situation.

Much like we have baby monitors for when our children are very small, SAMi is a useful device for patients who are suffering from epilepsy and the family members that live with them.

Video from a nocturnal monitor would be very helpful in a typical clinic visit especially when the diagnosis is uncertain or the medication management needs assistance."

A Parent's Experience

...Most importantly, we are confident that SAMi has saved our son’s life multiple times 

Laura Palmer
Mom & Parent 
President, SHINE Syndrome Foundation

...we tried several different monitoring devices... none of them worked as advertised. Either alarms were going off when he wasn’t seizing or these devices were missing seizures. The SAMi is by far the best seizure monitoring device we have used as a family. Not only do we feel confident that we are alerted to every seizure, but we also have excellent-quality videos to send to our son’s neurologist.

The video recordings from SAMi have been used to diagnose new seizure types and make treatment changes without having to do an inpatient EEG.

Most importantly, we are confident that the SAMi system has saved our son’s life multiple times. We are thankful for this consistent, reliable alerting system that allows us to sleep peacefully knowing our son is safe.

Thank you, SAMi, for an excellent product that gives epilepsy parents peace of mind.

SAMi Stories

Meet our users


Jon Shaw Foundation Grant Recipient

When our daughter was 8 months old our whole lives were turned upside down by epilepsy. Not only were we negotiating life as first time parents but now we also had this highly dangerous condition to contend with. Fast forward almost 2 years and we have finally now got some reassurance at night with our new Sami3 monitor. We were supported with the purchase of our monitor by Jon Shaw Charity who were absolutely fantastic. They sorted out the purchasing and shipping from America and their communication was absolutely amazing. The application process was easy and supportive. We could not be happier with Jon Shaw Charity and will be fundraising for them in the near future so they can support more families just like ours'. Thank you so much for everything you've done.It was our pleasure. X

Hannah Rhodes

Sandra M

Colton’s seizures have been happening only in his sleep. When they happen during daytime naps, they are fairly easy to track. However, when they began picking up overnight (1-2 seizures an hour 😞) they became increasingly difficult to track as (fortunately) his vitals don’t change and he is often able to quickly return to sleep afterwards without alerting us to the seizure. We had two cameras on him that record motion. Unfortunately, one (Wyze Cam) did not record every seizure and the other (VTech baby monitor) recorded absolutely every movement he made and every sound in his room (including cars that may have driven by) making so many recordings that it would crash the system and we couldn’t even review them.

Not having a reliable camera made it really hard to know exactly what was going on overnight and if med adjustments we are making are helping or not. After a lot of research, I found SAMi The Sleep Activity Monitor which is supposed to weed out non-seizure activity and focus on recording only seizures. We can also send videos directly to our teams to review. In addition to about a hundred other positives, it can be used when we travel to Boston or elsewhere and can be linked to numerous iPhones/iPads.

"Our daughter is thriving again"

Danny Did Foundation Grant Recipient

Our daughter is thriving again. We showed our neurologist video from the SAMI device and that helped us to create a new plan for her medication.

We are so thankful for the peace of mind that this resource has given us.

I never thought I was going to get that.


Sleep confidently again, and easily access live video/audio whenever you feel like checking in. 

Record Automatically

If desired, SAMi can record and organize HD video/audio of any notable moments throughout the night

Track Changes

Things change. Sometimes without explanation. Passive monitoring may inform when adjustments are needed

"We believe intervention during a seizure event may reduce the risk of SUDEP, reduce injuries, and allows caregivers to provide seizure first aid."

Tom and Mary Stanton, The Danny Did Foundation 

Take it from the experts...Nighttime monitoring is important. That's why the  Epilepsy, Autism, and Rare Disease Organizations we've partnered with have purchased thousands of SAMi Monitoring systems, making them available to families and patients of all kinds.

Cutting edge
night-vision technology

Epilepsy Foundation
Award Winner


For all

HD recording

Secure remote

Subscription free

Every SAMi order includes lifetime access to our latest monitoring software. Whether you're at home or across town, SAMi has you covered. 

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