Hi, we're the Andersons

Shortly after this photo was taken our youngest son James experienced his first day-time grand mal (tonic-clonic) seizure.

After going on medication, we thought his seizures were controlled.

It wasn't until later that we learned he was also experiencing seizures during sleep (as well as breath-holding spells and sleep walking).

After several difficult months we were running on fumes... We had tried mattress monitors, wearables, and baby monitors but nothing seemed to work. 

We weren't sleeping out of fear of what we may miss.

With a web camera and a laptop we created our first prototype for SAMi in 2009. It worked so well, that the Epilepsy Foundation helped us turn it into a real product.

Today, SAMi remains 100% owned and operated by our family, and James is doing better than ever.

SAMi helped us through our toughest times...it's our sincere hope that whatever you're facing, SAMi can help.

Our Team


Charles Anderson

Founder & Inventor


Cynthia Anderson

Founder & COO


Matt Anderson



James Anderson



Trevor Larson

VP Business Ops

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Bailey Eisman

Social Media & Community


Phil Gattone

Strategic Advisor

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Brad Holcenberg

Strategic Advisor

Our Mission

To empower caregivers, parents, and individuals with dependable, non-invasive technology that enhances safety, security, and awareness at night. As caregivers, we understand the multitude of challenges many of our users face, and remain committed to supporting their well being and peace of mind at every stage in their journey 

Through technology, we aim to create a more informed and prepared world where everyone has access to the critical information they need, when they need it most.

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Years in


in Use




of Cameras

Special Thanks To...

SAMi wouldn't exist without partnerships with the following organizations and individuals:


Tom Stanton

The Danny Did Foundation


Mary Duffy

The Danny Did Foundation


Katie Gaughan

The Danny Did Foundation


Julie Hutchison

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation


Julie Hutchison

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation

sandi chapnick.jpeg__PID:0c21e4b6-9af8-4652-907d-375f3e18ac72

Sandi Chapnick

Josh Provides Epilepsy Assistance


Andria Bilan

Josh Provides Epilepsy Assistance


Kathy Leavens

LGS Foundation


Dr. Edward Maa

Swedish Medical Center

Epilepsy Foundation Chapters

Epilepsy Foundation of America
Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago
Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado
Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho
Epilepsy Foundation of G. Cincinnati and Columbus

Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana
Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana
Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island
Epilepsy Foundation of Louisiana
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan
Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri and Kansas
Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey
Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York
Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania
Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas


Early supporters

Beverley Andalora
Karen Anderson and Jim Wright
Pat Anderson
teve and Britt Anderson
Kristina Asambucci
Amy Atwood
Rosy and Jim Austin
Susan Baker
Michelle Bareng
Chris and Barb Beall
Jeff Bennett
Chad Brac
Deb and John Britton
Barbara Burr
Billy Thistle
Bob Thomas
Carl Thomas
Joyce Thurmer
Dale Young

Grace Cheng
Michelle Coe
Joslin and the Coggan Family
Bart Collet
Andrew Currie
Jeffrey M Davis
Epitel, Inc.
Dave Erb
Ann Erickson
Cinzia Escobido
Janet Evans
Faneca Family
Chris Faranetta
Marcia Forman
Frank Vernon
Ilga Vitolins
Jenny Vogus
Patricia Smith White
Amy Whooten

Mark Forry
Carl E Frave
lKathy Frebel
Mike and Jessie
Shelley Friedman
Annie Goldman
Linda and Jerry Goldstone
Mary and Brian Haan
Julie Hale
Cary Hanosek
Tracy Heiman
Greg Herring
Catherine Jacobson
Jim Johnson
Jon and Sharon Kahn
Layla Kaiksow
Susan King
Michael Lee
Julie Zahniser

Derek and Jennifer Lieb
Kim Macher
Marguerite Martinez
Dana Massie
Bonnie Mettler
Catherine Monaco
Susan Olenwine
Richard Palmer
Anna Pate
Brad Peterson
Tina Pittman-Wagers
Jim Reinhart
Ronya Robinson
Jeffrey Romano
Rich and Ann Selph
Lilli Sheeline
Shira Souvignier
Bill Taylor

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