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"One of the roles that i think SAMi really satisfies goes back to several patients of mine who their parents out of fear for convulsions during sleep and what they've heard about SUDEP would actually have their child sleep with them in bed into early adulthood. For obvious reasons, this is not a desirable situation. Much like we have baby monitors for when our children are very small this is a useful device for patients who are suffering from epilepsy and the family members that live with them. Video from a nocturnal monitor would be very helpful in a typical clinic visit especially when the diagnosis is uncertain or the medication management needs assistance."

Dr. Edward Maa

Director of Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Swedish Medical
Executive Board Member, Epilepsy Foundation of CO

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Dr. Maa says video from a nocturnal monitor would be very helpful in a typical clinic visit

"We have been SAMi users since 2018 and have come to depend on this product for all of its capabilities. I am a registered nurse and I very carefully researched my options for helping us keep our child safe. The SAMi recordings allowed us to better understand our child's reactions to medications and then to communicate this information directly to our neurologist. He found the recordings extremely helpful in determining the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. With ongoing communication he was able to continue modifying the plan according to the documented changes. The alarm function allowed us to get some much needed sleep, compared to the days of using a baby monitor."

Katrina Darnall

Nurse Practitioner - BSN, RN