EpiSafe Pillow by SleepSure™

$125.00 USD

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Created by Seizure Alert Australia, this purpose-built pillow is exceptionally breathable and designed by parents of a child with Epilepsy.

PLEASE NOTE! This product is not regulated by the FDA or FDA-approved.

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  • Adjustable sizing
  • Hypo-allergenic, Latex & Chemical Free
  • Soft, Cool, Breathable and Comfortable
  • The Pillowcase is Removable and Washable

Height - 140mm - with inner removed - 80mm

Length - 570mm

Width - 370mm

Care Instructions
  • Pillow Case is removable and washable
  • Pillow is hand wash only in warm water (40°C)
  • Drip Dry Only | Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Can be washed as one entire pillow, or can be dissembled and each component washed separately
International Customers

The SleepSure™ Anti-Suffocation Pillow is currently only available for USA based customers.

If you live outside the USA but would like to order one, please email sales@samialert.com and let us know what country you live in so we can put you in touch with your local distributor.

EpiSafe Pillow from SleepSure™

The EpiSafe Pillow is breathable, practical and comfortable solution to support more peaceful and secure nights sleep. Designed by parents of a child with Epilepsy, and created by Seizure Alert Australia!

2.79x more “Breathable” than the nearest competitor and an amazing
24.14x more “Breathable” than a standard memory foam pillow!


Chemical free, latex free, and designed to reduce allergic reactions, asthma attacks and breathing difficulty when compared with other pillows


Innovative 3D fabric with open weave polyester create an air gap that won’t crush when depressed

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For all ages

Adjustable height with removable insert and three layer design. Designed to accomodate toddlers, children, and adults. 


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