Built by caregivers for caregivers

Created by loving parents of a child with Epilepsy, this third generation camera system is the result of years of rigorous field testing, countless engineering hours, and hundreds of iterations over the last 10 years.

Uniquely capable

Epilepsy is different for everyone, and people often experience a range of seizures at night. We designed the SAMi-3 to look for shaking and rhythmic motion as well as non-rhythmic motion that other monitors miss.

Technology and Features

Unrivaled Motion
Detection Technology

Our proprietary algorithm and patented system utilizes temporal and spatial filtering to increase sensitivity while reducing false alarms.

Secure Remote Monitoring

Up to four people can monitor a SAMi camera from anywhere, in real-time.

Automated Recordings

SAMi automatically records motion throughout the night and highlights anything notable that you may want to save or share with your doctor

Privacy Control

When activated, SAMi displays a clock instead of a live view from the camera providing privacy to the person being monitored, and a less distracting sleep environment for the caregiver.

An example configuration

Personally programmable, simply choose the circumstances you'd like SAMi to monitor

SAMi-3 Camera or SAMi-3 Kit?

The SAMi-3 Camera is right for most people who have reliable home Wi-Fi, aren't traveling a lot, and already own an Apple device.

The SAMi-3 Kit is an out of the box ready monitoring system which includes a new iPad and a dedicated SAMi router (so SAMi isn't dependent on your internet connection). Every Kit comes fully tested and pre-configured, so all you have to do to begin monitoring is plug in the SAMi Camera + Router and open the SAMi app.

SAMi reviews
We have documented 2-3 seizures a night and after his neurologist looked at them, he has a better diagnosis as to type and is adding a new med. we are so grateful.
— Carroll R (October 22nd, 2022)
I was amazed at how simple it was to set up. What I figured would consume my morning took all of a few minutes, start to finish.
— Steve in Illinois
...while we had quite a few false alarms from general sleep movements, we're quickly finding settings that work. This is such a wonderful thing to have, and I'm amazed I didn't learn about it sooner!
— Eric in California
"We have been amazed at the SAMi's ability to catch the nocturnal nonconvulsive seizures that other monitors would miss! The SAMi monitors for our two sons with refractory Epilepsy has changed our lives."
— Denise in Alabama (2022)
"My daughter suffers from epilepsy and now with the camera in place we are fully aware of each seizure"
— Esther in Scotland (Jan 8th, 2022)