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We designed SAMi to do the two things really well.

Reliably Alert

Quickly determine if action is needed with a reliable, and highly customizable alarm that sounds to the tablet or your own apple device.

  • Custom alarm thresholds and schedule
  • 6 alarm styles to choose from
  • React quickly when necessary
  • Multiple alarm profiles across devices

Automatically Record

Record continuously, or just the motion. Easily review time-stamped snippets of notable events, and email your recordings to your care team (or simply bring your tablet or apple device with you).

  • Easily review a nights worth of behavior and highlights
  • Identify new behaviors and track changes over time
  • Share recordings as needed
  • Confirm duration + frequency of events

What Can
SAMi Detect?

How it works

What you'll need



Reliable detection, without the false alarms

For all ages


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It's ok, you can sleep

Go ahead, take the night off

Ever try sleeping with a baby monitor
glued to your ear?

We'll alert you if anything comes up

If you've made it this far, i'm guessing you're pretty tired...

you can't sleep next to them forever. Co-sleeping isn't sustainble... and the live audio of a home security or baby monitor is keeping you up. 

going to let you  listening to live video all night isn't exactly ideal 

Sleeping With One Ear Open Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks, Huh.
Maybe you've tried using a baby monitor, or security camera  

Don't worry, you're in the right place.

sleeping with one ear open is a lot harder than it sounds, huh.

isn't really a thing. you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You need to sleep, but not too deep. You need to unwind, but remain ready. 

Remember what it felt like to 

sleeping with one ear open? Or maybe you take turns  isn't really a thing. sleeping nearby them isn't sustainable

You Must Be Tired. We Get It.

When we first learned about our son's nocturnal seizures we didn't sleep for months. 
we tried every motion, mattress, and wearble device we could find but nothing really worked.

if baby monitors worked, we'd be a baby monitor company.


Resting in a state of alertness is not easy. 

Over 10 years ago, we tried everything to try to get some sleep without compromising our sons safety, He was experiencingcombined what worked modified our baby monitor to incorporate 

took what we liked from
If something happens you need to be ready to react.

When we learned our son was having seizures during sleep, we didn't sleep for what felt like months. 

Whether I was with him, or in my room with the baby monitor glued to my head, 

everything most parents do... but baby monitors, mattress monitors,  were going to neeunderstand fully what  how much it was going to impact our sleep. 

appreciate just how much it had no idea what that was going to do knew we needed a my husband and I didn't appreciate 

We had no idea what
hen we first learned our Son's seizures weren't just happening during the day, 

just having seizuers during the day,  epilepsy wasn't  was having seizures in his sleep, we had no idea how 

we spent countless nights anxiously waiting and listening in a perpetual state of   months without real nights sleep   

 has epilepsy, so 
in a state of alertness isn't really sleep thoughIf sleeping with one ear open actually worked, we'd be a baby monitor company
If Sleeping With An Ear Open Actually Worked, We would have just used our baby monitor

You Must Be Tired. Or worried. Or both.

We Get It.

Our son's Nocturnal seizures started 15 years Ago.
we didn't sleep Much until my Husband modified our baby monitor to run motion processing for months. 

We built SAMi because we needed a way to get some sleep without compromising his safetey. .

Sleeping With An Eye Open Is Harder Than It Looks, 

Sleeping with one ear open? Or maybe you've decided to share the room
Co-sleeping, Baby monitor glued to the ear, or cross your fingers

Finally! A monitoring solution that actually works

Monitoring isn't just for babies

Sleeping with one ear open? Or maybe you've decided to share the room
Co-sleeping, Baby monitor glued to the ear, or cross your fingers

What You'll Need To Begin Monitoring:

The SAMi Kit comes with everything you need to simply unbox and begin monitoring (yes, even a brand new SAMi iPad!). If you have your own Apple device and reliable home Wi-Fi, purchase our "Camera Only" option!

For all ages


Caregiver features

HD Recording

Detect, Alert, Record

We designed the SAMi-3 to go beyond the large rhythmic and repetitive movements most monitors require to trigger an alert.

  • Shaking or Jerking
  • Muscle Stiffening
  • Twitching or Trembling
  • Spasms or Convulsions
  • Face grimacing
  • Eye fluttering
  • Wagging of extremities
  • Pedaling
  • Kicking
  • Rocking
  • Pelvic thrusting
  • Sleep walking
  • Restless legs
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Configure SAMi to alert you to movement as brief and sutble as a single blink of eye, as pronounced, consistent, and rhythmic as a minutes worth of jumping jacks, or anywhere in between.

We understand that everyone's situation is unique, which is why we put you in full control of the circumstances that trigger our alarm.

How it works

When abnormal movement is detected by the SAMi-3 Camera, an alarm is triggered on the iPad, and a live view is shown so you can take action if necessary

SAMi Kit comes ready-to-use, no configuration required

Connect to SAMi via the SAMi Router, your home Wi-Fi, or anywhere you have internet or cell service

Up to 4 people can monitor SAMi at once

4.9 out of 5

There's a reason SAMi comes highly recommended, We are caregivers ourselves, so we take your experience with our product very seriously.. This isn't just our business, it's our passion.

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Jon Shaw Foundation Grant Recipient

When our daughter was 8 months old our whole lives were turned upside down by epilepsy. Not only were we negotiating life as first time parents but now we also had this highly dangerous condition to contend with. Fast forward almost 2 years and we have finally now got some reassurance at night with our new Sami3 monitor. We were supported with the purchase of our monitor by Jon Shaw Charity who were absolutely fantastic. They sorted out the purchasing and shipping from America and their communication was absolutely amazing. The application process was easy and supportive. We could not be happier with Jon Shaw Charity and will be fundraising for them in the near future so they can support more families just like ours'. Thank you so much for everything you've done.It was our pleasure. X

Hannah Rhodes

Sandra M

Colton’s seizures have been happening only in his sleep. When they happen during daytime naps, they are fairly easy to track. However, when they began picking up overnight (1-2 seizures an hour 😞) they became increasingly difficult to track as (fortunately) his vitals don’t change and he is often able to quickly return to sleep afterwards without alerting us to the seizure. We had two cameras on him that record motion. Unfortunately, one (Wyze Cam) did not record every seizure and the other (VTech baby monitor) recorded absolutely every movement he made and every sound in his room (including cars that may have driven by) making so many recordings that it would crash the system and we couldn’t even review them.

Not having a reliable camera made it really hard to know exactly what was going on overnight and if med adjustments we are making are helping or not. After a lot of research, I found SAMi The Sleep Activity Monitor which is supposed to weed out non-seizure activity and focus on recording only seizures. We can also send videos directly to our teams to review. In addition to about a hundred other positives, it can be used when we travel to Boston or elsewhere and can be linked to numerous iPhones/iPads.

"Our daughter is thriving again"

Danny Did Foundation Grant Recipient

Our daughter is thriving again. We showed our neurologist video from the SAMI device and that helped us to create a new plan for her medication. We are so thankful for the peace of mind that this resource has given us. I never thought I was going to get that.

" far the best seizure monitoring device we have used"

Laura Palmer
Mother and President of the SHINE Syndrome Foundation

The E in SHINE stands for epilepsy...we tried several different monitoring devices... none of them worked as advertised. Either alarms were going off when he wasn’t seizing or these devices were missing seizures. The SAMi is by far the best seizure monitoring device we have used as a family. Not only do we feel confident that we are alerted to every seizure, but we also have excellent-quality videos to send to our son’s neurologist. The video recordings from SAMi have been used to diagnose new seizure types and make treatment changes without having to do an inpatient EEG. aMost importantly, we are confident that the SAMi system has saved our son’s life multiple times. We are thankful for this consistent, reliable alerting system that allows us to sleep peacefully knowing our son is safe.Thank you, SAMi, for an excellent product that gives epilepsy parents peace of mind.

The Danny Did Foundation

We’ve been working closely with SAMi for nearly 10 years now. During that time, our device grant program has helped over 750 epilepsy patients and caregivers to secure SAMi Kits.

We believe intervention during a seizure event may reduce the risk of SUDEP, reduce injuries, and allows caregivers to provide seizure first aid.

Tom Stanton, President
Mary Duffy, Executive Director

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation

" The SAMi The Sleep Activity Monitor has been an excellent option for many families… Imagine being able to show your neurologist or epileptologist exactly what is happening at night.

I've known the Andersons (inventors of SAMi) for over 10 years now and together we've helped hundreds of parents sleep a little safer with effective night-time monitoring

Julie Hutchison, Founder and CEO

Jon Shaw Foundation

We are really excited about working with the Anderson family to produce and place the SAMi Kit in the hands of young people living with epilepsy in the UK.

SAMi continues to bring peace of mind to these families, who know SAMi will alert them if needed at night.

Wendy Shaw, Founder and CEO

Josh Provides Epilepsy Assistance

Families turn to JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation for help to keep their child safe when experiencing a seizure.

JoshProvides turns to SAMi for monitoring equipment that alerts and video tapes seizures, offering peace of mind to parents.

Sandi Chapnick, Co-Founder

"...Video from a nocturnal monitor would be very helpful in a typical clinic visit"

Dr. Edward Maa
Director of Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Swedish Medical Center
Executive Board Member, Epilepsy Foundation of CO

...Much like we have baby monitors for when our children are very small this is a useful device for patients who are suffering from epilepsy and the family members that live with them. Video from a nocturnal monitor would be very helpful in a typical clinic visit especially when the diagnosis is uncertain or the medication management needs assistance.

Settings and Features

Parent first features and settings to help you maximize your sleep, without compromising safety. Dictate the movement you wish to be woken up to, and sleep through the rest.

The SAMi3 App

As long as the camera is positioned appropriately, there are limitless ways to configure the SAMi3 monitoring app. It's up to you to decide how much motion SAMi should look for, whether it needs to be continuous, and how long it should be present before alerting you. 

Unrivaled motion sensing

SAMi Utilizes A Patented And Time Tested Temporal And Spatial Filtering Algorithm To Increase Sensitivity And Reduce False Alarms.

Premium Night Vision

Operate in complete darkness, a bright room, or anywhere in between

HD Video & Audio

See and hear in crystal clear 1280 x 720 resolution 

Multiple Mounting Options

Mount SAMi on a Wall, or use the included rubber feat to place SAMi on a flat surface (such as a desk)

Wired, or unwired

Connect SAMi through ethernet cable or local wifi

Cloud and Local Storage

Store SAMi recordings automatically in the cloud, on your apple device, and the camera itself. 

Sophisticated Motion Sensing

Our proprietary algorithm and patented system utilizes temporal and spatial filtering to increase sensitivity while reducing false alarms.

Recordings Log

SAMi automatically organizes time-stamped recordings of motion throughout the night, and highlights anything you may want to review.

Audio / Video surpression

When privacy mode is activated, SAMi displays a clock instead of a live view from the camera providing a less distracting sleep environment for the caregiver

Secure Remote Monitoring

You can grant monitoring permissions to up to four people with Apple devices, each of whom can utilize  their own alerts and recording preferences

Flexible scheduling

Both recording and alarm enable times are individually programmable.

Sensitivity Boost

Be alerted to very subtle or complex irregular movement (such as eye flutters, face grimacing, or finger wagging)

Infrared Technology

Operate in complete darkness, a bright room, or anywhere in between

Cloud and Local Storage

Easily save SAMi recordings to your Dropbox or iCloud, or store up to 1000 recordings locally on your device

Smart Edge

Flexible borders can ignore movement you're not interested in being alerted to (such as a fan, or a caregiver coming in to check on someone)

Show Motion

When enabled SAMi’s live view will highlight any motion in red (even motion as subtle as breathing under covers)

Multiple Mounting Options

Mount SAMi on a wall, or use the included rubber feet to place SAMi on a flat surface (such as a desk)

 HD Video Audio

See and hear in crystal clear 1280 x 720 resolution

Backup Storage

SAMi comes with an extra 32gb of storage on the camera, so if your Apple device fills up, it will continue to record

Epilepsy Foundation
Award Winner

Cutting edge
night-vision technology


For all

HD recording

Secure remote

No ongoing subscriptions or fees

Every SAMi order includes lifetime access to our latest monitoring software. Whether you're at home or across town, SAMi has you covered. 

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