For nearly a decade, SAMi has helped Cherri monitor her son with LGS

Cherri sleeps peacefully knowing SAMi’s alerts, recordings, & live-view will give her peace of mind and insight into Ben's behavior at night

Time in use

8+ years


Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS)

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How did you learn about SAMi?

Cherri: I first saw a demo of a SAMi camera system at the Epilepsy Expo at Disneyland in 2015. My son Ben has intractable tonic and tonic-clonic seizures during sleep. We thought they were less frequent than we discovered after we started monitoring him. We were so surprised to see how many seizures he was actually having! We had been using a camera in his room with a monitor in mine, but there was no system to alarm. I depended on sound to wake me up and it wasn't really providing the protection that he needed. I often would only know about a seizure when I suspected something the next day and reviewed the hours of video. The ability to adjust sensitivity settings and the alarm features had me sold! I went home and ordered our first SAMi that night.

How has SAMi helped your family?

Cherri: The ability to know in real time that Ben is having a seizure and to be able to be there to keep him safe. Also, the ability to easily email video clips to myself as a record of the events, which I can email to his neurologist.

The live-view from SAMi gives Cherri complete, real-time insight into Ben’s nighttime seizure activity. Unlike a baby monitor, SAMi combines real-time, continuous, and on demand video monitoring with an advanced, customizable alert system.

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"I can sleep at night knowing that I will be alerted. I sleep so much better and my anxiety at night is greatly reduced!"

How has SAMi impacted your daily life?

Cherri: I can sleep at night, knowing that I will be alerted. I sleep so much better and my anxiety at night is greatly reduced.

Thanks to SAMi, Cherri can rest knowing that she will be there for her son when he needs it most.

Using the iPad, Cherri also has more freedom to move around the house and take care of other tasks.

Cherri: Because I can bring the iPad around the house, I am not stuck in my room waiting for him to wake up. I can monitor from anywhere in the house, and so I am free to complete other tasks.


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