SAMi-3 Second Camera Kit

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SAMi-3 Second Camera Kit

The SAMi-3 Second Camera Kit is for those who wish to monitor two different locations at once. The kit includes a brand-new SAMi-3 Camera and a new SAMi iPad. This pair comes fully pre-configured and tested to ensure out-of-box use. 

Please note that if you already own a second Apple (iOS) device, you have the option to simply purchase another SAMi-3 Camera rather than this kit. 

Created by parents of a child with Epilepsy, the SAMi™ camera is a sleep activity monitor that can detect forms of rhythmic and non-rhythmic movement. Download the SAMi-3 app, connect your SAMi-3 camera to your home Wi-Fi, and mount it in a location that has a clear view of the bed where sleeping takes place.

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Global Kit also includes:
- Apple World Travel Adaptor Kit
- Apple 30w USB C Adapter
- 240v Router AC Adaptor

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