Difference between the Camera and Kit

SAMi-3 Camera:
Great for people who wish to use their own Apple device and monitor through their home Wi-Fi.

SAMi-3 Kit:
is an out of the box ready SAMi monitoring system. Each Kit is individually tested and set-up by a SAMi founder. When you receive it, simply plug the camera and router in, and open the SAMi app to begin monitoring

Kit Advantages:
The SAMi Kit operates fully offline as a closed loop system, so it's not dependent on (or communicating with) any external systems
- More secure than connecting through home Wi-Fi
- Just need a wall outlet to work
- Great for travel (connects automatically wherever you go)

What's needed

SAMi-3 Camera:
Apple device
Home Wi-Fi
Power outlets

SAMi-3 Kit:
Power outlets

Supported Apple devices

Apple Devices: All versions of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
Software: iOS 11 or later