What's the difference between a SAMi-3 Camera and the SAMi-3 Kit?

If you don't plan to move locations often, have reliable home Wi-Fi, and already own an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod made in the last 5 years) you'll be fine simply purchasing a SAMi Camera. You can easily connect SAMi to your Apple device through your home Wi-Fi.

Advantages of a SAMi Kit:
- Out of the box ready SAMi monitoring system (fully tested and pre-configured)
- Just plug everything in and open the SAMi App on the included iPad to begin monitoring
- Only requires access to a power outlet (no reliable Wi-Fi needed)

Request our funding guide for more detail on ways to pay for SAMi, and a list of the charities and foundations that regularly purchase SAMi Kits for families who could use a little help regardless of their finances (we'll show you how to apply to!)